Early-Career Researchers

PhenoRob offers a multitude of support measures for graduate and postgraduate researchers. The strategic aims of the overall support program include the following:

  • to offer targeted, advanced disciplinary and interdisciplinary academic education in the cluster’s research fields;
  • to provide a challenging and caring support structure empowering early-career researchers to achieve their full potential;
  • to supply the financial and non-financial resources necessary for optimal internal and external career development; and
  • to offer competitive early-career tracks across different academic stages (Masters, Ph.D., and Postdoc) within the cluster with transparent rules for advancement.

In addition to and in cooperation with the already existing support measures at university and faculty level, PhenoRob offers both general measures for all young researchers and a set of group-specific support measures for Masters and Ph.D. students, postdoctoral researchers and junior research group leaders. Both types of measures focus on academic curriculum, research collaboration, mentoring, and career development at different academic stages. The main goals of the PhenoRob support measures for early-career researchers are

  • For M.Sc. students: to provide the best possible preparation to become Ph.D. students. Group-specific support measures include e.g.:
    • Research and project-oriented modules
    • Student grants for publication support
    • External thesis collaboration
  • For Ph.D. students: to help them become successful researchers with an in-depth knowledge and to provide exposure to accomplished professionals in their field while providing a broad interdisciplinary view. Group-specific support measures include e.g.:
    • PhenoRob Graduate Training Program with a range of interdisciplinary modules from PhenoRob themes and soft skill courses
    • Interdisciplinary supervision
    • Self-organized assembly with own funds
  • For Postdocs/Junior Research Group Leaders: to enable them to become independent researchers, compete for extramural funding, and gain experience in student supervision and teaching, as these are important steps toward achieving a career as a tenured professor. Group-specific support measures include e.g.:
    • Eligibility for open call projects
    • Tenure position after meeting target agreement
    • Mentoring by a PI of the Cluster

As part of the PhenoRob Graduate Training Program, PhenoRob provides a portfolio of online courses.