Visit from New Zealand

Organised by the DAAD, a delegation from New Zealand science institutions visited PhenoRob at the University of Bonn on 13th January. The two spokespersons of the Cluster of Excellence first gave an interesting overview of the research topics and the necessity for changes in today’s agricultural production. The presentation was followed by a lively discussion with a number of questions from the guests.

Special interest was shown the application and adoption of the new technologies, as there are differences between the countries. Professor Cyrill Stachniss introduced some examples from Germany and highlighted which general conditions play a major role here.
Data and data sharing was another key issue in the discussion. All sides emphasized the importantance of open data for scientific progress. “The more data you have from various conditions, the better it is.” But also the limitations and reservations of e.g. farmers were discussed at this point.

Finally, the spokespersons outlined PhenoRob’s ambition to collaborate with excellent international partners.