We hire, train and support

PhenoRob seeks excellence in research and education. Therefore, the cluster is currently recruiting talented and motivated researchers on all levels of career (Open Positions). PhenoRob connects various academic disciplines and areas, fostering collaboration between researchers from all over the world. After appointing researchers, we support them at all stages of their career. Specific measures aim at supporting early careers, and equal opportunities and diversity within PhenoRob (Equal Opportunity).

The University of Bonn and Forschungszentrum Jülich acknowledge the support of young graduate and postgraduate researchers as a major strategic goal in the global competition for acquiring the best expertise to ensure its continuing success as a leading educational and research institution. We are committed to provide the best environment and support structures for early-career researchers. The early-career researcher support of the cluster is fully integrated within university institutions and programs in this area, but offers additional structures and activities specifically catered to PhenoRob early-career researchers.