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Upcoming Events

  • 24.9.2021: 16:00-18:00: Women in Science Talk with Madhu Khanna (AIFarms) on “Using Robotic Technologies on the Farm: Incentives and Barriers” and Mrinalini Kochupillai (Munich Center for Technology in Society) on “Incentivizing conservation, research and innovation with agrobiodiversity: Can blockchain/DLT help overcome regulatory and market failures?” via ZOOM (Meeting-ID: 975 9631 7497; PW: 303944)
  • 8.10.2021: 10:00 – 12:00: 20th PhenoRob Seminar Series with Peng Yu (Uni Bonn) on “Genetic basis of root-microbiome association in maize” and Eduard Zell (Uni Bonn) on “3D reconstruction of plants under practical constraints” via ZOOM (Meeting-ID: 943 4179 1351; PW: 838317)
  • 18.10.2021: 15:30-16:30: PhenoRob Talk by David Bullock (University of Illinois Urbana-Champain/AIFARMS) on “Contributing to an International Cyber-infrastructure for On-Farm Precision Experimentation” via ZOOM (Meeting-ID: 971 9311 7787; PW: 691370) and in-person at Uni Bonn, Nussallee 17, HS XVI
  • 12.11.2021: 16:00-18:00: 21st PhenoRob Seminar Series with Frank Dellaert (Georgia Tech) and Jeannette Bohg (Stanford University) via ZOOM (Meeting-ID: 930 3105 4743; PW: 608775)
  • 23.11.2021: 13:30-15:30: Women in Science Talk with Barbara Caputo (Politecnico of Torino) and Katja Herzog (Julius Kühn-Institut) via ZOOM (Meeting-ID: 980 9017 3593; PW: 957157)
  • 10.12.2021: 10:00-12:00 22nd PhenoRob Seminar Series with Jürgen Kusche (Uni Bonn) and Sebastian Rasch (Uni Bonn) via ZOOM (Meeting-ID: 974 2992 5090; PW: 671036)
  • 17.12.2021: 10:00-12:00 Women in Science Talk with Ixchel M. Hernández Ochoa (Uni Bonn) and Sara Bauke (Uni Bonn)via ZOOM (Meeting-ID: 921 7749 2894; Kenncode: 447194)

Previous Events

PhenoRob Seminar Series: Hugo Storm (11.06.2021)
PhenoRob Seminar Series: Christoph Scherber (11.06.2021)
Private video
Women in Science Talk: Marija Popovic (21.05.2021)
PhenoRob Seminar Series: Sabine Seidel (16.04.2021)
PhenoRob Seminar Series: Frank Ewert (16.04.2021)
Women in Science Talk: Ribana Roscher (05.03.21)
PhenoRob Seminar Series: Uwe Rascher & Onno Muller (12.02.2021)
PhenoRob Seminar Series: Annaliese Mason (12.02.2021)
PhenoRob Seminar Series: Armin Djamei (08.01.2021)
PhenoRob Seminar Series: Jan-Henrik Haunert (08.01.2021)
PhenoRob Seminar Series: Eva Kröner (28.10.2020)
PhenoRob Seminar Series: Eike Luedeling (09.10.2020)
PhenoRob Seminar Series: Andreas Kemna (09.10.2020)
PhenoRob Seminar Series: Ulrich Schwaneberg (14.08.2020)
PhenoRob Seminar Series: ATLAS Project (14.08.2020)
Nik Petrinic: Impact and Shock Mechanics Research for High-Performance Engineering Products
PhenoRob Female Talks: Emily Burchfield (Emory University)
PhenoRob Expert Talks: James Schnable (University of Nebraska–Lincoln)
PhenoRob Expert Talks: Amy Marshall-Colon (University of Illinois)
Keynote Talk by C. Stachniss: Robots in the Field – Towards Sustainable Crop Production (ICRA’20)
PhenoRob Seminar: Jens Léon (08.05.2020)
PhenoRob Women in Science Talk Series – Welcome by Klaus Sandmann
Maren Bennewitz – Action Selection Exploiting Semantic Information – PhenoRob Women in Science Talk
Margarita Chli – Teaching Robots to See – PhenoRob Women in Science Talk
Aimee van Wynsberghe – The cycle of women in robotics – PhenoRob Women in Science Talk
Asmeret A. Berhe: HEALTHY SOIL – PhenoRob Women in Science Talk
Ute Nöthlings – Sustainable Diets in Nutritional Epidemiology – PhenoRob Women in Science Talk
PhenoRob Seminar: Michelle Watt (13.12.2019)
PhenoRob Seminar: Jan Vanderborght (11.10.2019)
PhenoRob Seminar: Andrea Schnepf (11.10.2019)
PhenoRob Seminar: Wulf Amelung (14.06.2019)
PhenoRob Seminar: Frank Ewert (14.06.2019)
PhenoRob Seminar: Christian Bauckhage (10.05.2019)
PhenoRob Seminar: Anne-Katrin Mahlein (10.05.2019)
PhenoRob Seminar: Thomas Heckelei (12.04.2019)
PhenoRob Seminar: Harry Vereecken (08.02.2019)
PhenoRob Seminar: Peter Schulze Lammers (11.01.2019)
PhenoRob Seminar: Jürgen Gall (11.01.2019)
PhenoRob Seminar: Ulrich Schurr (16.11.2018)
PhenoRob Seminar: Cyrill Stachniss (16.11.2018)
  • 23.8.2021: ETH/PhenoRob Doctoral Workshop (online)
  • 24.-27.8.2021: PhenoRob International Summer School “Agricultural Robotics” (online)
  • 9.7.2021: 10:00 – 12:00: 19th PhenoRob Seminar Series with Thomas Döring (Uni Bonn) on “Mixed messages? – Tackling complexity in intercropping research” via Zoom (, Meeting-ID: 991 9585 6880, PW: 505772)
  • 11.6.2021: 10:00 – 12:00: 18th PhenoRob Seminar Series with Christoph Scherber (Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig) on “Experimental approaches to agrobiodiversity research – insights from the insect world” & Hugo Storm (Uni Bonn) on “Empirical modeling of farm technology adoption and impacts” via Zoom (, Meeting-ID: 951 5377 3438, PW: 072250)
  • 21.5.2021: 14:00 – 16:00: Women in Science Talk with Melinda Smale (Michigan State University) on “Foodcrop Biodiversity and Our Future” and Marija Popovic (Uni Bonn) on “Agriculture with Intelligent Robots – Mapping and Planning for Active Decision-Making” video
  • 7.5.2021: 10:00 – 12:00: ERC Advanced Grant Workshop with Isabel Herzhoff (KoWi) and guest speaker Prof. Theo Sturm (Uni Bonn)
  • 22.4.2021: 10:00 – 11:00: Women in Science Talk with Haruko Takeyama (Waseda University) on “The platform for sustainable farming by environmental control by utilizing microbial functions” via ZOOM (Meeting-ID: 978 8891 5671; PW: 403258)
  • 16.4.2021: 10:00 – 12:00: 17th PhenoRob Seminar Series with Frank Ewert (ZALF) on “The patchCROP experiment – investigating new field arrangements within a landscape context” and Sabine Seidel (Uni Bonn) on “Combining phenotyping and crop growth modeling” via ZOOM (Meeting ID: 952 5219 9464; PW: 101844)
  • 9.3.2021: 10:00 – 11:30: Video Tutorial with Christoph Pahmeyer
  • 5.3.2021: 10:00 – 11:00: Women in Science Talk – Ribana Roscher (University of Bonn): “Current developments and future directions of AI for agricultural and environmental sciences”
  • 1.3.2021: 14:00 – 15:30: Workshop with Jan Faßbender: “How to market your own research via YouTube”
  • 12.2.2021: 16th PhenoRob Seminar Series
    Uwe Rascher & Onno Muller (FZJ): The PhenoRob Central Experiment – Objectives, lessons learned after the first year, and steps forward
    Annaliese Mason (University of Bonn): Can we improve selection efficiency for specific crop traits using automated phenotyping?
  • 10.02.2021, 10:00 – 13:00: Workshop COST Action SENSECO and EMPHASIS in cooperation with PhenoRob: Remote Sensing and Plant Phenotyping with Uwe Rascher
  • 12.1.2021, 10:00 – 11:00: Workshop with Isabel Herzhoff on “How to Write a Competitive ERC Starting Grant Application”
  • 8.1.2021: 15th PhenoRob Seminar Series
    Jan-Henrik Haunert (University of Bonn): Computational Cartography: Turning Spatial Data Into Useful Maps video
    Armin Djamei (University of Bonn): Learning from biotrophic plant pathogens video
  • 16.11.2020: CEPLAS/PhenoRob Workshop at Ü2, Nussallee 17, 53115 Bonn
  • 1.-10.11.2020: International Conference on Digital Technologies for Sustainable Crop Production (DIGICROP 2020)
  • 5. & 6.11.2020: Virtual PhD Retreat with talks by Robin Mink and Peter Gutmann and Workshops by the Career Center FZJ
  • 28.10.2020, 13:00: PhenoRob Inaugural Lecture (virtual)
    Eva Kröner (Cluster Professorship “Pedogenetic Modeling”)
  • 09.10.2020, 11:00 – 13:00: 14th PhenoRob Seminar Series (virtual)
    Andreas Kemna (University of Bonn): Imaging and functional characterization of crop root systems using spectroscopic electrical impedance measurements video
    Eike Luedeling (University of Bonn): Decision-focused agricultural research video
  • 14.08.2020: 13th PhenoRob Seminar Series (virtual)
    Ulrich Schwaneberg (RWTH Aachen University): Protein engineering for innovations in plant health video
    Mark Hoffmann and Julian Theis (Fraunhofer IAIS): ATLAS – An Interoperability Network for Digital Agriculture video
  • 01.07.2020, 10:30 – 12:00: PhenoRob Expert Talks (virtual)
    Marcel Vogler (Freigeist Capital): Start-ups and Financing
  • 26.6.2020, 10:00 – 11:00: Female Talk Series in collaboration with FORLand (virtual)
    Emily Burchfield (Emory University): Cultivating Food Security in a Changing World video
  • 15.06.2020: ICRA’2020 Keynote Talk (virtual)
    Cyrill Stachniss: Robots in the Fields – Towards Sustainable Crop Production
  • 10.06.2020: PhenoRob Expert Talks (virtual)
    James Schnable (University of Nebraska–Lincoln): Climbing the Phenotyper’s Pyramid: Plants to Photos to Genes video
  • 04.06.2020: PhenoRob Expert Talks (virtual)
    Amy Marshall-Colon (University of Illinois): Combining gene network, metabolic and leaf-level models shows means to future-proof soybean photosynthesis under rising CO2 video
  • 08.05.2020: 12th PhenoRob Seminar Series (virtual)
    Fabio Fiorani: Application of non-invasive phenotyping methodologies in crop pre-breeding and selection processes video
    Jens Léon: Phenotyping – A (The?) Key Method in Plant Breeding video
  • 11.02.2020: PhenoRob Female Talk Series at the International Day of Women and Girls in Science at Hörsaal XVI, Nussallee 17, 53115 Bonn
    Margarita Chli (ETH Zurich): Teaching robots to see: challenges & developments in robotic vision video
    Maren Bennewitz (University of Bonn): Action Selection Exploiting Semantic Information video
    Aimee van Wynsberghe (TU Delft): The Cycle of Women in Robotics video
    Asmeret A. Berhe (UC Merced): HEALTHY SOIL – the key to ensuring food and nutritional security, and climate change mitigation video
    Silke Hemming (Wageningen University): Autonomous Greenhouse – the use of AI in remote greenhouse crop production
    Ute Nöthlings (University of Bonn): Sustainable diets in nutritional epidemiology video
  • 10.01.2020: 11th PhenoRob Seminar Series  at FZ Juelich
    Thomas Döring: Enhancing planned and associated in-field diversity
    Jan Börner: Towards a conceptual framework of pathways to upscale PhenoRob technologies
  • 13.12.2019: 10th PhenoRob Seminar Series  at HS XIV, Nussallee 15, 53115 Bonn
    Michelle Watt:
    Rhizosphere dynamics and interventions to increase crop productivity video
    Harrie-Jan Hendricks-Franssen: Real-time agricultural management with model-data fusion
  • 11.10.2019: 9th PhenoRob Seminar Series at HS XIV, Nussallee 15, 53115 Bonn
    Andrea Schnepf: Functional-structural plant models (with special focus on root-soil interactions) video
    Jan Vanderborght: Linking detailed 3D FSPMs to crop models: sensitivity analyses, upscaling methods, parameter estimation, use in AI video
  • 14.06.2019: 8th PhenoRob Seminar Series at HS XIV, Nussallee 15, 53115 Bonn (Amelung, Ewert)
  • 10.05.2019: 7th PhenoRob Seminar Series at FZ Juelich (Mahlein, Bauckhage)
  • 12.04.2019: 6th PhenoRob Seminar Series at HS XIV, Nussallee 15, 53115 Bonn (Behnke, Heckelei)
  • 08.03.2019: 5th PhenoRob Seminar Series at FZ Juelich (Schaaf, McCool)
  • 08.02.2019: 4th PhenoRob Seminar Series at HS XIV, Nussallee 15, 53115 Bonn (Vereecken)
  • 11.01.2019: 3rd PhenoRob Seminar Series at FZ Juelich, IGB2, seminar room (Gall, Schulze-Lammers)
  • 16.11.2018: 2nd PhenoRob Seminar Series at HS XIV, Nussallee 15, 53115 Bonn (Schurr, Stachniss)
  • 12.10.2018: 1st PhenoRob Seminar Series at HS XIV, Nussallee 15, 53115 Bonn (Kuhlmann, Rascher)