Join the PhenoRob Innovation Network

PhenoRob is strongly committed to the transfer of knowledge and technology. In order to facilitate the uptake of PhenoRob results into practice, we are closely collaborating with and constantly expanding our network of stakeholders along the entire innovation chain of sustainable crop production: industry, SMEs and start-ups in the areas of (agri-)
technology and engineering, plant protection and breeding; farmers; public policy and administration; industry associations, etc.

Why join?

The PhenoRob Innovation Network is your gateway to:

  • solutions: early access to research and development, novel solutions, data and infrastructure
  • skills: contacts with leading experts and a vast young talent pool of more than 30 PhD candidates
  • stakeholders: engage and co-create with other key actors (events, joint projects, etc.)


Contact: Dr. Nora Berning
Phone: +49 228 73 60817