To make good decisions, it is vital to know the current condition of the field. Core Project 1 develops novel ground and aerial vehicles that operate autonomously and provide precisely georeferenced, phenotypic data from single plant organs over the experimental plot to the field scale. We register 3D structural models of the same plant over time, leading to a 4D reconstruction. Our aim is to develop a new generation of mapping systems as well as a better understanding of the spatio-temporal dynamics of structural and functional plant traits. The goal is to reconstruct several hundred individual plants per day in an experimental field design.

Research Videos

Viewpoint Planning for Fruit Size and Position Estimation
Robust Interpretation of UAV Images
Novel Viticulture Systems for Sustainable Production and Products
3D Reconstruction of Plants Using Multiple RGBD Cameras
High Resolution Crop Reconstruction
Crop Parameter Retrieval Using UAV-based Imagery and Radiative Transfer Models
Modern Sensing Applications for Analysing Plant Physiology and Interaction in Mixed Cropping
Effects of Sensing System and Complex Surface Interaction on the Crop Surface Models
Uwe Rascher: Measuring and understanding the dynamics of plant photosynthesis across scales…
Sven Behnke, University of Bonn and Uwe Rascher, FZJ (11.03.2022)
Lasse Klingbeil: Pheno4D: A spatio-temporal dataset of maize and tomato plant point clouds…