Equal Opportunity

The University of Bonn has developed programs for all academic stages and has placed equal opportunity and diversity issues under the direct responsibility of the Rectorate. The general goal of the University is to provide equal opportunities to men and women, eliminate any structural disadvantages for women at all career levels, and support employees in reconciling family life, science, work, and/or study.

Promoting equal opportunity among researchers is also one of PhenoRob’s declared objectives. It is known from several investigations that many women leave academia in the transition from PhD via postdoc to professor. Women are still underrepresented at higher academic levels. The cluster PhenoRob will develop an active policy to overcome the low proportion of female researchers beyond Ph.D. level through a number of cluster-specific gender equality and family friendly measures. They will be seamlessly integrated into the university policies and will complement the university’s efforts toward fostering equal opportunity and diversity.

The cluster will actively promote role model examples to young female researchers.

The cluster establishes a female guest scientist program in the PhenoRob seminar series. These female speakers will also serve as role models.

The cluster will provide a coaching program to advise young female scientists about scientific careers. This will include mentoring, seminar presentations, and personal coaching tailored to their needs and goals.

The cluster provides an additional travel fund for female researchers to increase their visibility in the scientific community (e.g., conference board meetings, and networking).

The cluster establishes an exchange program with several international universities. To support the visibility of female researchers, we will aim for an equal proportion of male and female exchange Ph.D. students and postdocs.

Furthermore, PhenoRob establishes family-friendly measures open to all members of the cluster such as flexibility in the work setup, part-time, parent-child space, childcare support during meetings and holidays.