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Cercospora leaf spot modeling in sugar beet by Ispizua, Barreto, Günder, Bauckhage & Mahlein
LatticeNet: fast spatio-temporal point cloud segmentation using permutohedral lattices (Rosu et al.)
EasyPBR: A Lightweight Physically-Based Renderer
Plants Control Soil Gas Exchanges Possibly Via Mucilage by A. Haupenthal et al.
RAL-ICRA’22: Joint Plant and Leaf Instance Segmentation on Field-Scale UAV Imagery by Weyler et al.
WACV’22: In-Field Phenotyping Based on Crop Leaf and Plant Instance Segmentation by Weyler et al.
ICRA’21: Phenotyping Exploiting Differentiable Rendering with Consistency Loss by Magistri et al.
Johannes Postma: Crop Improvement From Phenotyping Roots – Highlights Reveal Expanding Opportunities
Uwe Rascher: Measuring and understanding the dynamics of plant photosynthesis across scales…
G. Schaaf: ITPK1 is an InsP6/ADP phosphotransferase that controls phosphate signaling in Arabidopsis
Lasse Klingbeil: Pheno4D: A spatio-temporal dataset of maize and tomato plant point clouds…
A.-K. Mahlein: Making Deep Neural Networks Right for the Right Scientific Reason…
Virtual Temporal Samples for RNNs: applied to semantic segmentation in agriculture
Talk by J. Weyler: Joint Plant Instance Detection and Leaf Count Estimation … (RAL+ICRA’21)
Talk by N. Chebrolu: Adaptive Robust Kernels for Non-Linear Least Squares Problems (RAL+ICRA’21)
Talk by A. Reinke: Simple But Effective Redundant Odometry for Autonomous Vehicles (ICRA’21)
Talk by X. Chen: Range Image-based LiDAR Localization for Autonomous Vehicles (ICRA’21)
Talk by I. Vizzo: Poisson Surface Reconstruction for LiDAR Odometry and Mapping (ICRA’21)
SIGSPATIAL’2020: A Time-Window Data-Structure for Spatial Density Maps (Annika Bonerath)
Talk by R. Sheikh on Gradient and Log-based Active Learning for Semantic Segmentation… (ICRA’20)
Talk by J. Quenzel on Beyond Photometric Consistency: Gradient-based Dissimilarity for VO (ICRA’20)
Talk by L. Nardi on Long-Term Robot Navigation in Indoor Environments… (ICRA’20)
Talk by X. Chen on OverlapNet – Loop Closing for LiDAR-based SLAM (RSS’20)
DIGICROP’20: Spatio-Temporal Registration of Plant Point Clouds by Chebrolu et al.
IROS’20: Segmentation-Based 4D Registration of Plants Point Clouds for Phenotyping by Magistri et al
Talk by D. Gogoll: Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Transferring Plant Classification…(IROS’20)
IROS’20: LiDAR Panoptic Segmentation for Autonomous Driving presented by J. Behley
IROS’20: Learning an Overlap-based Observation Model for 3D LiDAR Localization by Chen et al.
IROS’20: Domain Transfer for Semantic Segmentation of LiDAR Data using DNNs presented by J. Behley
Deep Learning for Non-Invasive Diagnosis of Nutrient Deficiencies in Sugar Beet Using RGB Images
RSS 2020′: LatticeNet: Fast Point Cloud Segmentation Using Permutohedral Lattices
EuroCG’2020: Tight Rectilinear Hulls of Simple Polygons
SIGSPATIAL’2019: Retrieving alpha-Shapes and Schematic Polygonal Approximations for Sets of Points..
ICRA’2020: Visual Servoing-based Navigation for Monitoring Row-Crop Fields
IROS’18: Joint Stem Detection and Crop-Weed Classification for Plant-specific Treatment
RAL’18: FCNs with Sequential Information for Robust Crop and Weed Detection by Lottes et al.
RAL-ICRA’19: Effective Visual Place Recognition Using Multi-Sequence Maps by Vysotska & Stachniss
ICRA’19: Actively Improving Robot Navigation On Different Terrains Using GPMMs by Nardi et al.
ICRA’19: Robot Localization Based on Aerial Images for Precision Agriculture by Chebrolu et al.