Core Project 3 measures the soil-root zones of crops with minimally or non-invasive sensors and robotic technology concentrating on sensing and predicting root performance in the field. New technologies such as 3D imaging methods gather information on the spatial organization of subsurface soil at the field scale. We aim to assemble the tools to collect and apply soil-root zone data to structural function crop models, yield predictions with the goal of optimizing resource inputs on farms in real time.

Research Videos

Functional Phenotyping of Plant Roots to Achieve Sustainable Crop Production
Investigation of Root Traits in Reference to the Root Soil Contact by Root System Sensing
Imaging Spatial and Temporal Soil Water Content Variations Using Borehole GPR
Investigating Root Growth Using Spectral Electrical Impedance Tomography
Plants Control Soil Gas Exchanges Possibly Via Mucilage by A. Haupenthal et al.
Soil-root Dynamics and Impacts of Potential Interventions
Pore Scale Simulation of Mucilage Drainage