Crop mixtures offer multiple advantages over mono-cropping. Newly developed advanced data acquisition and data analysis tools provide new insights into interactions and mechanisms in crop mixtures. This leads to a set of clearly identified, compatible crop partners. The new tools also allow for plants to be optimally allocated in field patches and for novel technologies to maintain such field patches. This results in ideal field sizes, shapes, and settings with regard to the ecosystem, biodiversity, resource use, and resource efficiency.

Research Videos

Modern Sensing Applications for Analysing Plant Physiology and Interaction in Mixed Cropping
Observing and Modelling Crops in Diverse Cropping Systems
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Image-based Crop Growth Prediction
Improving Agro-Ecosystem Models to Explore the Dynamics of Newly Diversified Field Arrangements
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Lasse Klingbeil: Pheno4D: A spatio-temporal dataset of maize and tomato plant point clouds…