Core Project 6 analyzes the potential impact of robotics and phenotyping technologies on agricultural development, welfare, the environment, the landscape, as well as on the farm level. Therefore, we are developing a simulation model for PhenoRob technology diffusion and impact. We are also assessing regional feasibility and the ecological-economic impact in Germany and the rest of the world by analyzing economic barriers and opportunities for the market launch of the inventions.

Research Videos

AgriAdopt – An Agent Based Model of Technology Adoption and Diffusion in Agriculture
Surrogate Modelling of Farm Behavior
The Impact of the Behavior of Farmers on the Economic and Environmental Effects of Technologies
How to Govern Plant Breeding Systems
Identifying Suitable Locations for Wildflower Strips by Detecting Areas of Low Yield Potential
Patterns of Agricultural Innovation Adoption Determinants
Farm-level Adoption Analysis of Agricultural Innovations
Farmers’ Decision Making Process in Adopting New Technology
What happens after technology adoption?